My Own Private Guantanamo

Pranks, Power and Pop Culture



March 7, 2009


I would like to thank the following individuals…

Billy Paoli for patient and tireless efforts to design and build the site.

David Coscia for amazing design work and for reading my mind.

Cristina Waltz for creative, practical and emotional support. (And for late night wheatpasting runs.)

Pauline Yu for being a patient and wise benefactress and an amazing friend.

Aaron Buckley for awesome ideas and design help with the American Apparel spoofs.

Tom Arnold for his generosity and support.

Diamondback Annie for being a fearless performer and collaborator, and for teaching me to pay attention to how things look.

Eric for filling various thankless roles requiring a tall, strong and intimidating man.

Eric Layer for collaborating on The Colin Farrell Sex Tape and for his method acting as a lamb.

Thomas Bates for being a creative dynamo and a classy bitch.

Violet Leonard for countless hours talking about art, sexuality and WordPress. And for being a kindred spirit. 

Paul Lamb for invaluable help with printing and all-around generosity.

Dominic Cramp for beta-testing and bro-jobs.

Erich & Ann for putting up with my crazy concepts and demanding schemes for nearly a decade. Congrats, you two!

Julien Nitzberg for encouraging me to stop the pity party and make art.

Friends and collaborators in SF, LA, Portland and elsewhere for being supportive and helping me get shit done!

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