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Saturday Feeding Frenzy

November 20, 2010

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter, here are some of the stories I’ve been tracking…

Your tax dollars at work, Dept. of Hearts & Minds:

“Sure there may be some hard feelings. But let’s not overlook the value of the government meet and greet!”

Brazilian artist Gil Vicente on his work, which depicts the artist assassinating various world leaders:

“Because they kill so many other people, it would be a favor to kill them, understand?” h/t Medina

Speaking of the Pope, here’s a news flash. It’s finally OK to use condoms, if you’re a male prostitute.

In other religious news, that anti-Facebook pastor’s relationship status? It’s complicated.

Attention holiday travelers, if you’re getting a patdown by the TSA, perhaps it’s time to agree on a safeword.

Speaking of air travel, I think I can see my house from here. It’s Tweets in Spaaaace!

I’m sure we can find the money for this, after making a few tweaks to Social Security.

An imaginary conversation between Barack & Bibi as imagined by the Asperger’s-afflicted avatars of Xtranormal:

“I don’t know if anyone told you, but colonialism fell out of style a half a century ago.”

Speaking of war criminals, Professor John Yoo was on Fox News recently, criticizing Obama’s rare use of civilian courts to prosecute a WOT detainee. Yoo continues to treat international law like toilet paper.

And while Yoo, Rumsfeld, Bush, Rice & Cheney (“technically” war criminals all) roam free, an international arrest warrant has been issued for Bond supervillain Julian Assange.

Logging off.

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