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Facebook just Wikileaked all your comments on friends’ walls to your own wall

December 10, 2010

UPDATE: It looks like the text of your comments is only viewable by mutual friends or on content which is set to be viewed by everyone. But still, could they give their users a warning?

Yup. Take a look Facebook users. If you post a comment on your friends’ wall, the text (or the first few words of the text) of that comment now appears under “Recent Activity.”

Formerly, when you commented or posted on a friend’s wall, your wall would simply post a notification saying something like this:

Matt Cornell wrote on Joe Blow’s wall.

With the recent change, the text of your post or comment appears on your own wall. Or, like this.

“What’s up Joe? Dude, you were wasted last night.” on Joe Blow’s wall.

Oh, and it’s retroactive! So, the text of every post that you’ve ever made to a friend’s wall is now showing on yours! Try it out for yourself!

Can we prosecute Mark Zuckerberg under the Espionage Act for this?

  • willyp

    Yup, I really unlike this. This is the ethos of Zuckerberg though. Share all to all all the time, instantly. The instant delivery of everything I do sent out to everyone instantly is just something I don’t need! I don’t need to see everyone else’s either. But I guess the theory is you will be interested to click on it if it has something interesting in the status update. I guess its great for some people. The more people make connections with each other the more valuable the network becomes. So, they have to encourage relationships. Pretty interesting stuff. Not sure its illegal though! I mean you typed some shit into his website, and he in turn put it on his website…don’t type in it f you dont like it. I mean I get it, they just change around the way shit works suddenly and next thing ya know stuff you type is now being posted in places you wouldn’t have expected it to. Get over it though, why do we care about privacy anyways? Just be yourself man, its all good.

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