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My Xmas Wishlist? Donate to Wikileaks!

December 2, 2010 caved to pressure from creepy Joe Lieberman yesterday and dumped Wikileaks from their servers. Joe’s not finished with trashing the First Amendment just yet. He’s busily spooking other companies into censoring Wikileaks and itching to make a few tweaks to the Espionage Act.

Daniel Ellsberg and are calling for a boycott of Amazon. I think that’s a swell idea. I’ve just deleted my Amazon wish list. (The CIA, as we learned today, has its own wishlist.)

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If you were planning on buying me a gift for the holidays, please consider donating to Wikileaks in my name. As of this writing, the DNS provider for Wikileaks has just terminated their service. This is scary stuff. The Twitter account for Wikileaks informs me that you can still make a secure donation here.

Finally, if you’re curious to learn more about the cables that Jon Stewart dismissed as “non policy chit chat and things we already knew,” Glenn Greenwald has compiled a list of some of the most important revelations so far.

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