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December 19, 2010

This is bad. Assange has got a lot of explaining to do. No doubt, many Wikileaks supporters will see this as a betrayal. Damn.

  • Anonymous

    Properly, one assumes he is innocent until proven guilty. Feeling betrayed should follow “proven guilty.”

  • Withercanada

    Oh bloody hell..

  • Anonymous

    I’m inclined to agree. In considering WikiLeaks, one should remember the operative word here is ‘leaks.’ I’ll start worrying when I see evidence Shamir and his friends fabricated cables and gave them to Assange. Still, I grant this doesn’t look good, particularly when Shamir is a source of the ‘honeypot’ stories concerning one of Assange’s rape-accusers. Sady Doyle’s probably ecstatic over this.

  • Anonymous

    Shamir is not the source; he was only one of the earlier promoters of the theory. The chain linking Miss A to the CIA is fairly simple: she was connected to las Damas de Blanco (see her thesis on her wordpress site), who are connected to the NED and the CIA. However, it should be remembered that this chain is circumstantial. The simplest explanation is that her story and Swedish rape laws are being exploited by the people who oppose Wikileaks.


  • Anonymous

    Note the cards being played. Those are revealing in themselves.

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