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The Mighty Eagle Sucks

March 29, 2011

I kinda love this riff on the Arab uprisings, which uses a mashup of the popular game Angry Birds and the classic Disney cartoon adaptation of “Three Little Pigs” to explain recent world events.

I love it, that is, up until the Mighty Eagle is called in. For those who have never played Angry Birds, the Mighty Eagle icon appears in the top left side of your iPhone screen after you have tried and failed to complete a level after a few tries. There he is, next to the pause button, giving me the eagle eye in the screenshot below.

This is annoying for a couple of reasons. First, the eagle icon occupies valuable space on the iPhone screen, making it difficult to play the game as you would normally. For instance, if you want to break a blue bird into three smaller birds, or press a yellow bird to make him go faster, the Mighty Eagle icon often rests directly over the spot you need to touch to make that happen successfully, and thus win the level without his help. Winning without the “help” of the Mighty Eagle is much more satisfying, and makes you a stronger player.

Of course, you can make the Mighty Eagle icon go away for a little while, but you have to stop the game, click on the eagle, and refuse his offer. If you’re still struggling, he’ll magically reappear on your screen, offering his “help” yet again. He’s very insistent on helping, this eagle.

The other reason I dislike the Mighty Eagle is that he charges money for his services. His help is not offered for free. It comes at a cost.

Like many on the left, I’m feeling deeply conflicted about the use of American military power in Libya. But I have pretty strong feelings about the Mighty Eagle.

The Mighty Eagle sucks.

  • WebFitz

    I agree. I’d like to poke that eyeball with a stick and make it go away Forever

  • Horace

    Dude, you can tap ANYWHERE on the screen to get the blue bird, yellow bird, or white bird to do their thing. Just a heads up.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip. I can’t believe I never figured that out!

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