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The Hangover 2′s Vietnam Flashback

May 29, 2011

“You can see the gun, you can see the expression on the man’s face as the bullet enters his head, and you see the soldier on the left who is wincing at the thing that has happened. With the still picture, you have time to consider all these factors.”


“The most offensive and gutsy joke in the movie is a Vietnam War visual reference that takes place over the closing credits.”

The Hangover 2 makes the underlying violence of the film’s anti-Asian racism explicit in its few final images. “Gutsy” is too polite a word for this.

  • Jjadziadax

    this is what everyone was so upset about? i don’t know the first picture (80s baby) and the second picture doesn’t closely resemble it. 

  • Anonymous

    The picture was taken 4 years before I was burn, but it’s burned in to my memory from history classes, documentaries and the various references to it throughout art history.

    Trust me on this. The resemblance is no accident. I would not be surprised if this gets nixed for the DVD release, especially with Ebert and Roeper both citing the photo in their reviews.

  • Ben

    Great, now I have to see this movie, which I’d considered pretty damn missable, to see what the anti-Asian deal is and determine my own opinion.  

  • Anonymous

    No need to give them any money. You can find a cammed version on to**ent sites. Though the picture is blurry, the racism is very clear.

  • Misty Przybyl

    I personally think you are putting too much into the picture. There are many pictures post-Vietnam with a gun pointed to an Asians head. Plus this is the Hangover we’re talking about. Do you really think THAT movie has ANYTHING deep in it? Like really? It’s a movie all about drunks, drinking, sex, and vulgarity. It’s not about the Vietnam War. You could put in anything about any picture if you take it out of context. That picture from the Hangover is just two very drunk Man-Children playing with a gun. That’s all.

  • Ce Danny

    Hey I just got back from the cinema and liked The Hangover 2 a lot. But indeed crinched at the very end of the end credits. I remembered, I instantly saw the resemblance. However as far as subliminal messages from moviemakers go, I would rather have them enticing me to be a partypooper among my fellow cinefiles than enticing them to buy another hamburger or a coke.
    I think the moviemakers knew very well what the hell they were doing. Great movie, it’s so vulgar it becomes satire.

  • The World

    Oh, there is no doubt that Hangover 2 is absolutely a racist film against Asians.  Common Americans do not know about the sheer diversity which exists in Asia.  Asia contains many differenct racial groups, cultures, languages, religions and varying stages of development.  It ranges from highly developed and technologically very advanced nations such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hongkong, not to mention the new superpower China, to desperately crowded and underdevelped nations, such as Thailand, Veitnam and Philliphines, many of whom are in South Asia, rather than East Asia.  Trying to capture Asia by using few well known stereotypical materials, as they did in this film, is just akin to self-proclamation on the person’s own lack of fine education and understanding of what really goes on in that new power block.  Hollywood has taken to humiliating Asians of late, and I believe it is only symptomatic of general anxiety of the white Americans and the British about the rising East Asia.  Most East Asians understand this so they are not that bothered about the whole thing.  As my Chinese friends said, ‘look, they are afraid of us..’

  • Guest

    Good Grief!  Lighten up people…’s comedy.  I saw it in the credits, knew exactly what it was and thought it was funny.  If you’re offended, get over and tell your uptight friends to close their eyes.

  • Shattered Union

    Hollywood is an arm of the US establishment,. and as such, will toe the line to promote anti-Asian sentiment – no matter how subtle or innocuous. With comedy you can get away with a lot more. Remember, the USA has killed about 10 million Asians in the last fifty years, and we need to keep our draft eligible youth primed to kill more Asian men, and collect more Asian war brides. The double standard is also clear. They would never dare make a comedy that belittled the Jewish holocaust, or made fun of Israel. 

  • OO


  • Bobbarkerslolz

    The person who was executed in the Vietnam era photo was Nguyen Van Lem.  He was a viet cong and was suspected of running a death squad to kill South Korean police and their families.  When they captured him, he was found at a mass grave that included seven family members of police.  So no, I won’t lose any sleep over the Hangover poking fun at it.

  • Noway

    Seriously you could relate this photo to anything its really not fair to make racist remarks about it and plug it as something other than it is. You could change both characters to completely different people and have much worse outcomes and results, Dont be silly with your thoughts on this.

  • Prick

    Dude, get off you high horse and get a sense of humor.

  • Yoshin

    Wow, I got curious and just followed your activity from the other article. You really are obsessed. ‘Desperately crowded and undeveloped nation’? That’s laughable. All those developed countries (bar China) are A LOT more crowded and dense than Thailand and Vietnam. Taiwan isn’t even a country. Get your shit right.

  • soldier224

    Yoshin haha you couldn’t have said it any better as an american ive been to Thailand and that def is not an undeveloped country at all with a strong military too. 

  • soldier224

    glad that one picture in the ending credits makes you think this way. Mr Chow had no problem posing for it 

  • guest504

    All I know is THE SECOND I saw the closing credits of Hangover 2, and seen this, it was SO obvious it instantly hit me that’s a pose imitating that vietnam picture.. Whether it’s racist or not, noone but the producer can say what his intent was.. BUt, it doesnt take a stretch of the imagination to assume that if a sociopathic bi-sexual international asian crimelord was drunk off his ass, coked out his mind, partying with 3 white boys in Bangkok, and they were in the heat of the moment snappin party pictures, ‘WITH a gun’ (in previous pics, HE was holding the gun to white guy’s head, playing around), that He would find imitating That vietnam picture’s possibility irresistible at the moment.. We’ve all been there, drunk, and had a moment of our sick sense of humor rising to the surface.. lol

  • Zach

    Man, you are all so uptight about this. Todd Phillips should read all these comments, I think they would really make him happy. The man just likes to   be irreverent and edgy… you should try to take a joke in the spirit in which its intended. 

  • Blob Blob

    I just finished watching the movie, and I, as you immidiately saw the resemblence to this historic photo. I crinched a bit too, as the photo appeared in the credits. I don’t believe that there was some malicious intent behind the photo (or racist as the initial poster said), but it’s definately something of bad taste. I believe that the producers/actors just were too ignorant of the original photo’s impact and symbolism in this war. It’s sad that they chose to do this stunt.

  • Guionbajo_

    no creo que debamos cerrar los ojos. este filme intenta incluir la idea de que algunas muertes (o imagenes pregnantes de ella) pueden ser graciosas.
    no lo son. intentan insensibilizar el intelecto promedio… y la gran puta que hacen un buen trabajo. no creo que sea necesario explicar para qué

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  • JohnDoe

    BOO HOO!!…Get a sense of humor damnit 

  • JohnDoe

    Id like to point out for a web site that offers ”
    Man Bites Dog- Two Takes  
    On A Funny Rape Story” on the side of the page (keep in mind I will not read this story). So your good making fun of rape…but the fact that this stupid ass movie pokes fun at a 50 year old picture from a WAR…apparently that gets you kinda steamed, huh? I found this here blog by LOOKING FOR THIS PICTURE TO MAKE MY PROFILE PIC ON FACEBOOK! (FYI your site is one of the only sites that has this picture on the internet…or at least the first one I saw so your really spreading it around more :-) …thanks!) ”
    The Hangover 2 makes the underlying violence of the film’s anti-Asian racism explicit in its few final images. “Gutsy” is too polite a word for this.”
    Come on dude…for real?? You were offended by the hangover 2?? Do the 3 stooges offend you? Does Big Momma’s House offend you? How about whatever piece of shit Tyler Perry is staring in this year…obviously poking fun at African Americans . Dude you seriously need to lighten up and get a sense of humor. Did you notice just how many Asians were in The Hangover 2?? You really think they would agree to be in a movie that did nothing but make fun of them?? Personally I think the movie was funny as hell, and you sir, are a douche.


  • Aa

    you laugh because was not an american being killed in the photo

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