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Obama 2012 or How Liberals Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Jack Bauer

May 7, 2011











“Not only did we get fully erect, our testicles descended. We’re back baby!”- Jon Stewart

  • Withercanada

    Stewart’s a cunt for that.

  • VladRetailer

    Why Is It Legal To Shoot Unarmed Bin Laden In The Face, Yet We Cannot Waterboard?

  • William V. Sobers

    I think America should vote a different individual for presidency. There might a huge difference might happen.

  • Conrad Simone

    When will be the next 24 TV show renewed? I love the series of this tv show.

  • how to grow tomatoes

    I love the tv series 24. What series are they showing on TV right now?

  • Sherry Molina

    Hopefully America will vote wisely this coming election. America need a leader whose interest is the interest of its people.

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