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Cashing in On Facebook

February 3, 2012

Oh hey, now that David Choe is a 1%er, I figured that I too should cash in my Facebook stock. Over a year ago, Dave Coscia and me made these nifty “Mark Zuckerberg has a posse” stickers. Perhaps you’ve seen one stuck to a skateboard or lamppost. The LA Times even wrote about them. But, damn fool that I am, I never charged money for my services.

All of that changes now. Want your very own “Mark Zuckerberg has a posse” stickers? Send money to me. Send  it to on Paypal. I’ll send you 5 stickers for $5 or 15 stickers for $10.

And yes, I know that the stats on the sticker are already badly out date. Zuck has lots more friends and money now. Hell, that just makes these more collectible! These were from a limited run of 4,000 stickers and most of them have already been stuck somewhere. If we do another run, they’ll have all new stats.

So, act now. Let’s all get rich on my collectible Facebook stickers, before the bubble bursts!

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